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Reimagining Rotis: A Healthier Flour Mix

Every Indian kitchen is familiar with the aroma of rotis. Traditionally crafted from whole wheat flour, they've been a cornerstone of our meals. But, have you ever imagined an even healthier version?

Whole Wheat and Beyond While whole wheat serves as a solid foundation, there's a world of ingredients that can make our rotis even more nutritious. Many are seeking alternatives, whether for health reasons or simply to indulge in a new flavor profile.

At Curry Fit, we've reimagined the classic roti using a special blend of grains and spices:

  • Whole Wheat: Our staple base.

  • Soya Bean & Horse Beans: Adding a protein punch.

  • Roasted Black Gram & Barley: Introducing additional fiber and a distinct taste.

  • Corn & Ragi: For a rich nutrient profile.

  • Methi Seeds, Jeera, Haldi, Ginger, and Ajwain: These spices and seeds not only enhance flavor but are renowned for their digestive and anti-inflammatory properties.

Why Opt for Curry Fit’s Rotis? Our blend ensures that with every bite, you're getting a rich fusion of flavors backed by a host of nutritional benefits. It's a perfect marriage of tradition and contemporary health needs.

Eager to try out this unique twist on the classic roti? Subscribe to Curry Fit's meal plans today, and savor the innovation we bring to the table!

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